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Building partnerships with local schools to create singing opportunities for students and training for teachers.


At Sale Youth Choirs, we are committed to building partnerships with local schools and organisations to help create outstanding musical opportunities for young people in the area.

We are proud to have created singing partnerships with Lime Tree Primary Academy and St. Annes CE Primary School.

Get in touch if you would like your school to create a singing partnership with Sale Youth Choirs.


We have delivered many singing workshops in schools throughout Trafford, ranging from in-class primary singing sessions, leading full school singing assemblies to coaching established school choirs at all Key Stages.

Our workshops are led by our artistic director, Matthew Roughley, who works across the UK leading school singing  and coaching choirs.

We will create an engaging, educational and fun singing workshop for your school group.

Get in touch with us to chat about how we can work with your school.


As part of the National Curriculum for Music (Model Music Curriculum) released by the Department for Education in 2021 it states that: "All children should learn to use their voices to sing as part of an ensemble".

We understand that this can be a daunting prospect for many teachers who may not feel confident using their own voices which is why we have been creating partnerships with local schools to deliver music lessons and training in primary settings with a focus on singing.

Matthew Roughley is an expert in teaching music in schools and training non-specialist music teachers. The focus of the training is on teaching simple songs and musical games that are fun and accessible but highly educational and meeting the requirements of the new Model Music Curriculum.

The training consists of Matthew leading an example lesson to; demonstrate the teaching methods, enable students and teachers to learn the songs and activities for the term and to enhance the enthusiasm for music and singing within your school.

Sale Youth Choirs then provides follow up resources for your teachers to feel more confident in their own music lessons.

Our training and workshops can be tailored to the needs of different schools.

Get in touch to talk to us about how we can help your teachers to become more confident in delivering music lessons.



Age appropriate singing workshops for primary school aged children to develop pitch, rhythm and voice.

Singing at this age should be fun and playful, starting with simple songs and games leading to rounds and part songs at KS2 level.



Workshops which develop musicianship and group harmony singing skills.


Explore new vocal harmony repertoire in an engaging and exciting workshop environment!


6th FORM

Advanced singing workshops to challenge students who are studying music or have a keen interest in music and singing.

Suitable for 6th form choirs or music groups.

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